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          Radius Series MEH Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

          The Radius Electro-Hydraulic Spring Return actuators are specifically designed for use on quarter turn valves and dampers. The unit utilizes a hydraulic spring return actuator assembled to a compact hydraulic unit. When electric power is lost, the springs in the actuator move it to a fail-safe position. The same electro hydraulic unit is used for all models. The unit has many control options such as fieldbus protocol, partial stroke testing devices and 4-20ma modulating positioners.


          • Mounting surfaces according to ISO 5211 and VDI/VDE 3845
          • Standard NEMA 4, 4x. Wiring from the motor to control box protected with stainless steel tubing.
          • The circuit pressure remains stable in spite of wide ambient temperature swings.
          • Multiple combination of springs allow a wide range of torques for one model.
          • Inner cylinder has been completely honed for long service life.
          • Internal hydraulic porting eliminates leaking. No tubing, fittings or hoses.
          • Easy maintenance with Smart Access to the hydraulic and electrical controls.
          • Easily upgradable controls.
          • Smart parts (same electro hydraulic unit is used for all models).
          • Temperature range: -22掳 F to 176掳 F


          • NEMA 7 and ATEX
          • For larger torques, scotch yoke electro hydraulic actuators are available.
          • Low temperature versions down to -58掳 F
          • Stainless steel drive shaft.
          • Special coatings for very high corrosive environments.
          • Optional manual overrides attach easily to the actuator. Both manual gear boxes or hydraulic hand pumps.
          • Fast closing time.